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Dear tenants,

Our team has put in place this new tool now permitting you to share your worries in order to improve your experience while staying with us. Easier than before, you will simply need to follow those steps installed by our community.

However, please find below vital details in case you need some serious help.



European emergency call
The European emergency telephone number is 112, which you can use in the member states of the European Union in case you need urgent help from a fire brigade, a medical team or the police.
Website:  www.112.be


Fire brigades and ambulance 
Service of fire brigades.
Emergency medical aid 24 hours a day.
Web site:  www.siamu.irisnet.be


Federal police

To call in case of extreme urgency.
Website:  www.polfed.be

0800 19 400

Sibelga - gas odors

Emergency number for reporting gas odors in a home, building or street.
Website:  Sibelga

02 274 40 66

Sibelga - blackout - power failure - street lighting

Emergency number for reporting a blackout (power failure), current fluctuations in a home or neighborhood, and problems with street lighting
Website:  Sibelga

+32273952 11

Vivaqua Central Watch (water)

For the Brussels-Capital Region, Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant

If the help you need is on a less serious level, we can provide you with some technical support. Please note that any unnecessary help will be billed at your own expenses.

Tourelle Realty will not intervene if any of the below concerns your situation:

-Plumber issues (e.g. blocked sinks, ...)

-Lighting and light bulbs (e.g. switching old bulbs, ...)

-Gardening (e.g. maintenance of your lawn, ...)

The above has to be taken-care of yourself since we have already checked and ensured that they work effectively upon your arrival.

If you believe your situation to be important, we will provide you with support at the earliest conveniences. We usually work on a weekly basis permitting us to send our external repair-team to your accommodation within the following Saturday. If the matter can technically not wait for the above timeframe, please specify with details the importance of it on our web-tool.

We will answer phone calls during our office hours (9 am - 6 pm) referring to any form of urgencies. In the other hand, we will not consider your complaint by phone if it is not urgent and immediately impacting your stay with us. Please use the website for this. We will always process your complaints as soon as we can from the moment you have introduced the complaints within our support web page.

Thank you for your comprehension and trust.

Best regards,

Tourelle Realty support team.

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